MicroNeedling can improve the texture and tone of your skin. Now, our most favored service for providing results and solutions to difficult skin conditions.


Become a Glowing Goddess with the help of Pensacola's MicroNeedling Headquarters!!

What is MicroNeedling?

MicroNeedling, also known as Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), is a process that engages the use of a small needling device (that looks like a pen) to create micro-channels (minuscule holes) in the skin.
These micro-channels help stimulate the skin’s natural healing properties by producing collagen and elastin.


The Renowned MD-Pen-

Not all MicroNeedling services are created equal. MD Pen™ delivers a non-ablative treatment. No trauma to the skin. Estheticians at Escape have been certified through MD Pen™ Advanced MicroNeedling Training. We focus on preserving your skin's integrity so you can look and feel your best with no downtime.


MicroNeedling Benefits-

Improved Texture & Tone of skin.

Increased Production of Collagen & Elastin.

Skin that is more Lifted & Tightened.

Reduce the look of Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Scars and Stretch marks