Skin Care

At ESCAPE, we firmly believe that great skincare should be part of your regular beauty routine and not just an occasional treat.  Having a professional’s eye on your skin helps you become aware of the things you might not be catching.  Our mission is to reveal your healthiest skin by eliminating dead skin cells, stimulating new cell production, and addressing any of your individual skincare concerns – whether aging, acne, dryness or sensitivity.

We always provide real skin care results, with powerful antioxidants and the purest ingredients possible, which is why we use the CosMedix line of skin care products.  These chirally correct products endure a pioneering purification process, in which ingredients are filtered to contain only molecules that interact positively with the skin. That means that the products only contain the “effective” side of an ingredient molecule, without fillers, which guarantees that each ingredient delivers the greatest benefits possible.

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