Bat those lashes like you’ve always wanted to with Lush Eyelash Extensions at Escape!

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Classic Full Set (2 hours) - $199

2 week fill (1 hour 15 min) - $75

After 2 weeks, if additional time is needed, a $15 upcharge will be added

Lash Lift & Tint  $75

Looking for an alternative to lash extensions, try our lash lift & tint

Whether you’re going to a special event, or want your lashes to look fabulous every day without a hint of mascara, eyelash extensions can transform your look! Eyelash extensions are an art form that has been perfected by our talented estheticians. Soft and lightweight lash extensions are applied by hand, one-by-one, and adhered to your natural lashes to create the full lush look you want.

Quality Product
At Escape we pride ourselves in providing the best quality products and treatments to you!

As seen on the Real Housewives of Orange County, our product is world-renowned as a collection of the best eyelash fibers, comprised of raw and natural silk fibers. The more natural the composition of the lash fibers, the better the lashes will adhere to the patterns of your natural lash growth.

This natural silk hair is close to the human hair under the systematic quality control, providing the most natural and beautiful eyelashes.


Lash extensions require fills every 2-3 weeks depending on the look you prefer and how well you care for them. Though the average cycle of a single lash is about 90 days, factors such as your eyelash characteristics, lifestyle, and general care of your lashes will affect how long your Lavish Lashes®. They are reapplied individually, as needed, along with your natural lash cycle and desired outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Will eyelash extensions damage my natural eyelashes?
With our experienced lashtician, your lash extensions will not harm your natural eyelashes. We recommend using a stimulant to strengthen the natural hair follicle, such as Grande Lash which we sell at the spa!

How easily can the eyelash extensions be removed?
In as little as 5 minutes, your lashes can be removed using a professional strength remover that loosens the silk extensions from the bond on your natural eyelash. This is the only way you should attempt to remove your eyelash extensions to avoid damaging your natural hair follicle.

Are eyelashes one size fits all?
No, our lashtician will custom design your extensions based on your desired outcome and natural lash growth


Can I still go to the beach and pool with eye lash extensions?
Yes, our lashes are very durable!

Excessive heat and submersion in water can break down the bond between the adhesive and your natural lash. It is advised that if you swim often, to apply a sealant that can be applied once/twice a week to strengthen the bond. We recommend Max 2 Coating Sealant, available for purchase at the spa.

What types of activity should I avoid now that I have eyelash extensions?
We do advise that you avoid excessively rubbing of your eyes, but rest assured, you can bat your eyelashes in everything that you do!

Can I still wear mascara with my lash extensions?
There will be no need! The length and diameter of your lash extensions will give you bold lashes. However, if you like an extra dark look, our lashtician can suggest some brands of mascara that won’t damage your extensions!

Can I wear eye makeup such as eye-liner and eye-shadow with lash extensions?
Doll up those eyes, and show off those lashes as much as you like!

We do advise that you use oil-free make-up remover with a Q-tip when removing your eyeshadow or eye-liner. This way you can avoid and possibility of weakening the adhesive bond!

Please call us for more details to find out how you can have the most fantastic lashes in Pensacola.