What motivated owner of Escape Wellness Spa, Stephanie Knight, to become a massage therapist?

Stephanie has been a licensed massage therapist for 22 years. She has always intuitively known the benefits of touch and how much people need it.

She was inspired by her own physical therapist, as she had to go through the process of physical therapy after her shoulder surgery when she was 15 years old.

Stephanie waited tables for six years at Applebee’s while she was in high school and in college working toward becoming an Occupational Therapist.

She put her degree on hold to go to Pensacola School of Massage and ended up falling in love with massage therapy. It became her passion and she quickly built an overflowing clientele.


Stephanie’s expertise and popularity is due in part to her eclectic style of massage. She provides myoskeletal alignment (muscle-bone alignment), structural/postural alignment, myofacial release, orthopedic, medical, sports, prenatal, Swedish massage, and Thai Yoga bodywork (otherwise known as assisted yoga, which involves a lot of stretching).

She works with many different clients from all walks of life, and has learned to customize each treatment to fit their individual needs whether they sit too much at a computer, play a lot of sports or anything in between, at any age.

Our Philosophy

At Escape Wellness Spa, we focus on helping you improve the environment that you live in your body, from the inside out. Founder Stephanie Knight launched Escape Wellness Spa in 2007 to deliver not only the best spa treatments in Pensacola, but to help transform lives through therapeutic skincare and massage services.

Stephanie says, “My philosophy is that massage should be a ‘hurt good,’ helping feeling, not a painful, unpleasant experience.” Escape is focused on healthy and effective skincare solutions, healing and restorative massage, and beauty treatments that will leave you looking and feeling better than when you stepped through our door.

“I love inspiring my clients to take better care of themselves, but I’m also here for them when they fall off track. We just start a new day and keep moving forward.”

Stephanie Knight


“It’s our mission to be your partner in wellness

and help you live a healthier lifestyle

that will shine through in all that you do."

Stephanie Knight, Owner of Escape Wellness Spa

What We Can Do For You

Health and wellness are at the heart of Escape. We offer healthy and effective skincare solutions, healing and restorative massage, and beauty treatments that will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated.

Anti-Aging, Acne, & Advanced Treatment

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Hair Removal

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